The Montessori Academy of Cape Cod has been a part of the community for twenty four years. During that time, we have had the honor of educating hundreds of children who have moved on into the world with the knowledge of how to be innovative learners and more importantly, great friends.  


Director, Rosanne Amaru, wanted to start a Montessori program on Cape Cod that served the year-round population and founded the school in 1992. She was drawn to give back, specifically to this area, as it was this community that showed it's support through its richness in humanity. This showing of humanity reflects Montessori’s philosophy on environment, and society and has continuously lent to the blossoming of The Montessori Academy of Cape Cod.       


As Montessori educators, we believe that education is a preparation for life through the development of a healthy self-image, a respect for each other, a concern for the environment, and a positive attitude towards learning. Thus the nature of the school is one that fosters all of these values. 


In the classroom environment, the children become masters of their own decisions and actions and are free to develop open friendliness and happy dispositions.  The core of the person he or she is meant to be, is continually being advanced.   As the children discover their own self-worth and the worth of others, a foundation of progress towards a peaceful world is formed. 


The great significance, the real beauty of our school, lies in the children that will go forward and will, by virtue of who they are, help create a lasting harmony and peace for our world.