Playground Upgrade! 

One of the most important parts of child development is play! Our playground is in need of a serious upgrade! Join us in our year-long undertaking to spruce it up! 

Nature Center 

Montessori's philosophy encompassed the importance of our natural surroundings and the responsibility each individual has for their environment. Our initiative for starting a nature center and garden for the children is in effort to teach the children the importance they have on their world. 

Solar Panels | Wind Energy

In effort to turn out school into a "green" building, we are working on switching our electrical system over to be supported and sustained by solar and wind energy. This is a huge endeavor that needs tremendous support not only in our Montessori environment but also in our community as a whole. 

Driveway & School Entrance 

Our Driveway and entrance into our school is always an area of focus for us. As it is the welcoming point for you and your children everyday, we are always looking for new ways to ensure its safety and accessibility. Please join us in our effort to maintain this important part of our school.