What is Montessori ? 

Montessori Education is both a theory of child growth and development, with the materials and a rationale for guiding such growth; and a philosophy of how, through the education of children, to make a better world. 


One might ask, “How can children learning how to use

scissors and their abc’s make the world a better place?”


Montessori is based on the child’s developmental need for freedom within limits, and a carefully prepared

environment with guaranteed exposure to materials and experiences through which develops intelligence, as well as physical, psychological, and social abilities.


It is the combination of the development of these realms that builds the child’s character. 



Imagine living in a world filled with people who know how to set goals for themselves, how to go about planning the steps to achieve their goals, and consider others when making their life decisions; while at the same time, if there are forces in the world trying to take that right away, they are strong enough to stand up for his/her right to make those decisions and for others to have the opportunity to make those decisions.


We are part of a world wide Montessori community of tens of thousands of Montessori schools.  It is the education of each child and the building of his character that will have the long reaching effects that will influence the world.  Montessori Education is designed to take full advantage of the self motivation and unique ability of young children to develop

their own capabilities. 


Children need adults to expose them to the possibilities of their lives, but the children themselves must direct their responses to those possibilities.