The students' building of their mental lives is an arduous, ceaseless and delicate labor which no one can do for them.


The Montessori approach used in our preschool/kindergarten takes full advantage of these sensitive periods of learning by providing an attractively and carefully prepared environment furnished with a series of self-teaching materials to stimulate curiosity and help the child acquire skills. The child proceeds toward later abstract thinking through movement and concrete action, discovering with his or her senses..


When a semester first begins, all the children need continual help in their relationships with one another and care of the environment. Gradually, in response to their new environment and the teachers' careful guidance, the children develop into a harmonious, independent community. The teacher becomes a participant/observer in a community of children.



This environment enhances the children's discipline, concentration, belief in themselves and each other. They develop a sense of responsibility for the work and the things and people within it, achieving harmony with life.

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